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I am a 97% Music Freak. I dont really believe that i just know lame people such as teddy geiger. shame.
Check all of the bands/singers that you have HEARD of.
NOT if you LIKE them or not. Again?

c-c-c cut meCollapse )
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Graphics - Icons, Headers, F.O Banners
>The Strokes
>The Killers
>Mischa Barton
>Pirates of the Carribbean 2
>Phantom Planet
>Jeff Buckley
>Franz Ferdinand
>The Beatles

We ought to buy you a cadillacCollapse )
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Graphics []
[ mood | sleepy ]

Arctic Monkeys
Fashion Photography
Bloc Party
Graham Coxon
Kaiser Chiefs
Kate Moss
The Killers
The Grates

fake tales of san franciscoCollapse )

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Alice in Wonderland []
[ mood | awake ]

Alice in Wonderland graphics
Icons & headers

down the rabbit hole...♥Collapse )

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Graphic Post []
[ mood | accomplished ]

Willa Holland
Walk the Line
Victoria's Secret
The O.C
Sophia Bush
Hilarie Burton
Mischa Barton
Ashlee Simpson
Ana Beatriz
Adriana Lima
Adam Brody
Alex Bledel
Match Point
Imaginary Heroes

icons, Headers and more...♥Collapse )

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[ mood | sleepy ]

alexis bledel
alyson hannigan
angelina jolie
amanda bynes
evan rachel wood
the o.c
jessica alba
sisterhood of the travelling pants
kate hudson
match point
walk the line

graphics♥Collapse )

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[ mood | calm ]

Britney spears
Cinderella Story
Chanel no. 5
A Series of Unfortunate Events
10 Things i Hate About You
Amanda Bynes
Angelina Jolie
Adriana Lima
One Tree Hill

kids drawing waves on the pavementCollapse )

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[ mood | cold ]

angelina jolie x 1
adriana lima x 2
mischa barton x 5
little banner thingys♥Collapse )

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icons []
[ mood | sleepy ]

icons. enjoy & you can request something if you like.
hilary duff,
walk the line,
gemma ward,
jonathon rhys meyers,
dakota fanning
xxxx katie

we're falling apart at half timeCollapse )

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